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Rubbermen of London

Cruise night

Join the Rubbermen of London for their monthly event at Backstreet.

You can find out more by joining the Rubbermen of London Facebook group. It’s a closed group so you’ll need to join before you can see what other members are posting.

But whether you’re a member of the group or not, anyone who’s into rubber can turn up. Plus, of course, leathermen are welcome too.

The Backstreet

If you like your leather bars “classic”, this is the place to go. It’s an institution in London. They’ve been running for thirty years, the logo has been designed by Tom of Finland himself and the dress code is strict.

The bar staff are friendly and you get decent music. The decor is spot on, with boots hanging from the ceiling, a cage and barrels.

There’s a smoking area.


Fri, 5 April 2019, 22.00 - 22.00


The Backstreet

Wentworth Mews
London, E3
Wentworth Mews
London, E3



Facebook: Group

Twitter: rubbermenlondon


Phone: +44 20 3022 5651

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