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Eagle Saturdays

Club night

Eagle Saturday is all about mixing it up. We aim to mix the good the bad and the gorgeous of the DJ world together with the best of visuals and vibe.

The Eagle

Whether it’s dancing with house divas, drinking with your mates or meeting porn stars, the choice is yours.

More of a cruise bar during the week, more of a club during the weekend.

Popular venue mainly attracting men over 30. The barmen are friendly and… rather hot. There’s a pool table, video screens showing porn and an outside area. Oh, and there’s also a small, darker room in the back…


Sat, 11 August 2018, 21.00 - 04.00


The Eagle

349 Kennington Lane
London, SE11 5QY
349 Kennington Lane
London, SE11 5QY



Facebook: EagleLDN

Twitter: eaglelondon


Phone: +44 20 7793 0903

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Eagle Saturdays